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They all take place at
58 rue de Laeken
1000 Brussels

Private Workshop

To privatize the Atelier, we ask for a minimum of 420€

We can have a table for 20 people.

Contact us if you are more


You can choose between these options

Option 1: 28€ per pers

- 2 cocktails to make

- 2h/2h30

Option 2: 42€ per pers

- 1 welcome drink

- 2 cocktails to make

- 2h/2h30


Option 3: 42€ per pers

- 3 cocktails to make

- 2h30/3h


Finger food: 10€ per pers - Avocado cream with Tortilla chips

Thanks for your message!

Gift Cards for Cocktail Workshop only

Wanna make someone happy for a cocktail workshop?
Follow the link for our Gift Card.

We propose 3 different prices

- 45€ = Cocktail initiation: with 3 cocktails

- 55€ = Cocktail initiation + Food (Avocado Cream + Tortillas)

- 55€ = Cocktail around a classic cocktail: We choose one cocktail like Negroni.

You will try 10 different recipes to help you find the perfect one.

- 65€ = Cocktail around a classic cocktail+ Food (Avocado Cream + Tortillas)

To use the Gift the Card, send us the email at

Upcoming Events

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