Life is Beautiful


Since July 2018, we opened our boutique located on the same street.

The goal remaines the same. We want to keep surprising you by proposing you different products. ​


What can you find ? ​



Rum - Whisky - Gin - Tequila - Mezcal - Vodka - Cognac - Cachaça - Pisco - Vermouth - Liqueur - Bitter - Amaro... ​

We offer a large selection of spirits to sip and to mix in cocktails. In case you don’t see what you are looking for, let us know. We will search for it for you. ​



Shaker- Jigger - Strainer - Mixing glass - Bar spoon...

You love to prepare cocktails at home or want to? Check out our selection of bar tools.

We will be happy to give some recipes or to guide. ​



Agave - Cactus - Fat plants - Palm Tree - Dried flowers - Houseplants

Yes we love plants and specially if they are easy to take care of.

Check out our pictures below for some examples ​



Vases - pots - baskets...



124 rue Antoine Dansaert

1000 Bruxelles

Phone number

+32 2 259 10 77


Opening Hours

Wednesday to Saturday : 13h - 19h

!!!!!!!!!!!!!   LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL   !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is Beautiful Cocktail bar Brussels