For this cocktail menu, we wanted to showcase our neighborhood.
Each cocktail is dedicated to a business located around our bar.

Visit them, they are amazing :)


We infused Limoncello with Parmesan and mixed it with the delicious Koval Organic Cranberry Liqueur. It adds some roundness and length to the drink. 
We poured in Lemon Juice, crushed some Basil Leaves and added drops of Saline Solution and Bittermens Hellfire Bitters to open up the drink and bring a little bit of spiciness.
To have a nice foam we added Aquafaba (chickpea water).

You have a foamy, savory and slightly salty drink with notes of basil and parmesan.

We dedicate this cocktail to the Pizza Bar La Belle Équipe.
A long wooden bar, a raw and industrial atmosphere, highlighted with metal, wood and bricks ... The setting does not remind regular pizza places in Brussels.

The quality of the products, most of them directly imported directly from Italy: coppa, dried beef, mozzarella di buffala, arugula, fresh spinach... which match perfectly with a homemade paste (like everything else) and a tomato sauce full of sunshine and flavor.

The main goal of La Belle équipe is to offer a pizza with good quality products at an affordable price.

- 13% ABV


We decided to use Bai Mudan White Tea to bring fruity notes (peach and pear). The Bénédictine brings herbal & honey notes found in many teas.
We added a winey taste & bitterness with Cocchi Americano, a wine aperitif and poured in Lemon Juice to balance it out.

You have a comforting drink, low in alcohol and very refreshing.

We dedicate this cocktail to A.M. Sweet Tea Shop
Behind a lovely wooden facade is hidden A.M. Sweet, a charming tea-room held by Anne-Marie and her husband Gilbert.
Once you step inside, you’ll face a big counter holding real treasures for the sweet tooth. You definitely shouldn’t leave the little tea-room without trying their Pavé Bruxellois, a house special made of petits beurres and coffee butter cream. Pure heaven, that you’ll happily enjoy with a teapot, sitting at one of the little tables, under the watchful eye of their dog Cézanne. 

- 8% ABV


Cognac (here Merlet VS) and Mushrooms work well together.

Here we decided to use Girolle due to its exquisite taste with an aroma that hints at fruity apricots. We added Italicus Bergamot Liqueur for its fragrance, crushed 2 Raspberries to add more fruity notes and added Lemon Juice.

To balance the acidity, we poured in a Girolle & Thyme Syrup.

We shake it all and Smoked it with Oak.

You have a fresh, fruity and smoky drink with hints of mushroom.


We dedicate this cocktail to Champigros, a mushroom & more store.

- 18% ABV


This low ABV cocktail is made by infusing an Italian aperitif, Gran Classico Bitter, with Fresh Pineapple. The infusion helps to tame the bitterness down.

We enhanced the fruitiness with a Pineapple Cordial. We added minty notes with Fernet Branca and orange notes with Bokers Bitters.

We topped it all up with tonic for a fizzy finish.

You have a fruity, minty, slightly bitter aperitif.


We dedicate this cocktail to the restaurant Henri.

- 8% ABV


You have a mid-season drink with a strong chocolate note brought by Nardini Grappa Riserva accompanied by Homemade Mango Syrup and a coating floral touch thanks to Milla Chamomile Liqueur. 
We topped this elegant drink up with Champagne.

This cocktail is dedicated to the jewelry shop: Joya 

Passionate about artisanal production, Aurore de Heusch created a concept store dedicated to contemporary jewellery in 2012.
The shop offers a specialist selection of international designers. The collections on display are contemporary, sober, have a particular design and are further developed thanks to ongoing research into shapes, techniques and materials.
As director of the gallery, Aurore de Heusch selects the jewels put on display and thus sharpens her creative vision. Whether limited editions or unique items, each jewel tells a new story.

- 20% ABV


This drink is made for the organic beauty shop Label Chic. We decided to use their Mangosteen & Hibiscus Powder and make a syrup with it.
We mixed it with Organic Abelha Cachaca infused with Coconut Flakes for exotic notes, Liqueur d’Argousier (Sea buckthorn) from the Biercée Distillery to added some acidity (it is also used in many beauty products), Lime Juice to balance it out and a few drops of Bitterness Burlesque Bitters.

You have a refreshing cocktail with coconut and hibiscus notes.

We dedicated this drink to the organic beauty shop Labelchic.

Labelchic is a haven of beauty located in the heart of Brussels, the Dansaert district. They offer a sharp selection of 100% natural cosmetics and they also offer facials on Fridays and Saturdays. All this having only one goal, to highlight the natural beauty of each one, as naturally as possible!

- 19% ABV


We used a Natural Sauvignon Wine and poured Froggy B Organic Vodka in to add alcohol strength without covering the wine taste.
We added Homemade Peach Syrup for fruity notes which pair well with the wine, Suze to bring earthy notes and a little bit of bitterness to give a nice length and Lemon Juice for some acidity.

You have a refreshing, fruity and easy drinkable vinous cocktail.

We dedicate this cocktail to Le Bar du Canal.

Literally located on the Brussels canal, it is a little natural wine establishment run by Bjarke and Lea. They offer more the 120 natural wine references at any given time. Host wine tastings, visits by winemakers, DJ nights and privat events. Besides their love for wine without added sulphurs and other chemicals, Bjarke serves up Danish smorrebrod, a speciality from his home country... among other snacks. Naturally using the best seasonal produce. 
Drop in for a wine adventure or take a bottle home.

- 13% ABV


For this cocktail, we played around infusing Patron Tequila with Mustard Seeds. The mustardy flavor is brought down by a comfy Honey Syrup. Bénédictine Liqueur is going to highlight the honey flavor and brings a nice herbaceous note. We topped it up with a homemade Jasmine Soda for a floral finish and Lemon Juice.

You have a floral drink with tangy flavors from mustard seeds.

We dedicate this cocktail to our  LIB Boutique.

You can find there Spirits, Plants, Bar tools and Decoration.

- 14% ABV


We infused Cointreau Noir with fresh Bay Leaves for a slightly bitter & grassy touch. We mixed it with Rhum Agricole JM VSOP to add a nice oaky note and dryness; with Lime Juice for acidity. We topped it up with Jungle Joy Beer which has fresh mango & passion fruit inside.

You have a fresh, fruity and complex cocktail with a dry finish.

We dedicate this cocktail to the Brussels Beer Project.
Brussels Beer Project is a craft brewery in the heart of Brussels, with the crazy project of wake Belgian beer up, dust it and get it out of middle-ages!

- 17% ABV


We infused a citrusy Gin, Tanqueray 10, with eucalyptus for its breathtaking freshness. Our Homemade Escholtzia Syrup is going to calm down everything with its recomforting side. The citrusy flavor comes from Yuzu and Lemon Juice and Fair Kumquat Liqueur.

You have a refreshing, citrusy cocktail with an aromatic mix of menthol and pine from eucalyptus.

We dedicate this cocktail to the Herbalist Desmecht.

- 21% ABV

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