Term & Conditions

After your purchase, we will send an email with PDF to print. It is a nice "card" to give to the person you will give to Gift Card


All the Gift Cards can be used at the bar and at the shop


The Gift Cards are not refundable. 

The person is not obliged to use all the amount of your Gift Card at one time.

At his/her 1st visit to the Bar or to the Shop, he/she will receive a card that will contain the fund you paid for.

If there is something else that goes with the Gift Card, he/she will receive it at the same time.

Every time he/she visits the Bar or the Shop, we will debit the Gift Card.

If he/she does not have enough money on the Gift Card, he/she will have to compensate by paying with cash or by credit/debit card.

Once he/she has used all the funds, we take back the Gift Card.

There will be not check-up from our part to see if the Gift Card belongs to the rightful owner. He/She can give it to another person to use it.

But if he/she loses the Gift Card or it is stolen from him/her, he/she has to contact us directly so we can block it.

He/She has to come to the bar with the email receipt and pay 5€ for another card.

If he/she wants to reload the Gift Card, he/she can do it at the bar or at the shop.