Before opening the bar, LIB started with cocktail pairing.

We used to organized once a month a 3h event, pairing 3 cocktails with 3 finger food.


After 4 years of being open, the time has come to do it again.

For the first event, we will pair Cocktails with Cheese.

After an amazing tasting at La Fruitière, we selected 3 kinds of cheese.

For each cheese, we created a cocktail.

Join us Saturday 15th of August to discover our creations.


At your arrival, you will get a welcome drink paired with one of the cheese.

It will be followed by 2 other cocktails with 2 different kinds of cheese.


The event lasts 2 hours

Please be on time. Otherwise, you'll have to drink faster.


Because of Covid-19, we have fewer seats. We had to come up with a strict table plan.

Please contact us directly if you are a group that does not fit this plan.

Step 1

Choose your table. 


Step 2

Choose at what time you want to come.


Step 3

Make the payment.


And voilà, Done

Cancellation / Refund
- In the event of government action that would force us to cancel the event, your purchase will be fully refunded.


- If you cancel after Tuesday 11/08/2020 (14h), you will be refunded 50% of the amount of your purchase.

- If you cancel after Thursday 13/08/2020 (14h), there will be no refund.

You can resell/give your tickets to someone in case you can't make it.

Click on the table of your choice

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2 or 3 pers
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!!!!!!!!!!!!!   LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL   !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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