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Some cocktails below exist in Bottle.

200ml or 500ml

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A Bullet & A Target


Rye Whiskey - Bourbon Whiskey - Orange Syrup -

Marsala Wine - Angostura & Peychaud's Bitters

Our Twist of the Old-fashioned

Bottled Cocktail: 200ml (20€) 500ml (43€)



Mezcal - Ancho Reyes Chili Liqueur - Triple Sec - BBQ Bitters - Verjuice

A fresh and smoky cocktail with the right amount of spiciness. Just what you need for this time of the year.

Bottled Cocktail: 200ml (21€) 500ml (45€)

Brussels - Oaxaca


Mezcal - Jamaican Rum - Fernet Branca -

Elderflower Liqueur - Black Walnut Bitter

The smokiness of the Mezcal is tempered by the Jamaican Rum which has lots of banana flavors.

The Fernet Branca brings some minty notes and freshness to the cocktail. A dash of elderflower some some floral notes. And the Black Walnut Bitter enhances the cocktail, makes it round and gives it a nice and long after taste.

Bottled Cocktail: 200ml (22€) 500ml (47€)



Organic Vodka - Organic Cranberry Liqueur - Verjuice -

Acqua di Cedro (Italian Lemon liqueur) - Orange Bitter

If you did not get it yet with the name.

This cocktail is our twist of the classic cocktail Cosmopolitan.


It is well balanced, fruity, citrusy and fresh.

Perfect as an aperitif even during the meal.

Like the other cocktails with Verjuice, this one is very easy to sip even at 20,5%. 

Bottled Cocktail: 200ml (18€) 500ml (39€)

Pisco Punch


Pisco - Cherry Liqueur - Verjuice (a highly acidic juice made by pressing unripe grapes) -

Sherry Manzanilla - Pineapple Bitter

Fruity & Round

Looking for a Punch?

Try our recipe of the Pisco Punch.

Bottled Cocktail: 200ml (20€) 500ml (43€)

Sur la Knipchen


Maitrank (Belgian Aperitif) - Aquavit - Verjuice (a highly acidic juice made by pressing unripe grapes) - Violette Liqueur

t is very easy to drink.

It is well balanced and the violette is not overpowering the rest.

Perfect as an aperitif.

Bottled Cocktail: 200ml (15€) 500ml (32€)



Pineapple Rum - Passion Fruit - Verjuice (a highly acidic juice made by pressing unripe grapes) - Benedictine - Grapefruit Bitter

We know you love fruity drinks

Pineapple and Passion Fruit, What can go wrong, right?

And instead of Lime Juice, we put some Verjuice so you can keep your bottle longer.

The cocktail is still sour. 

A dash of Grapefruit Bitter brings additional freshness. 


Bottled Cocktail: 200ml (19€) 500ml (41€)

Celery Smash


White Pepper infused Yellow Chartreuse - Celery - Mint - Lemon Juice - Grapefruit Bitter

Herbal and peppery



Horseradish infused Quinoa Vodka - Jasmin Syrup -

Ceylon Tea - Lime - Litchi Foam

Very refreshing and savoury



Genever - Cynar - Elderflower Liqueur - Lemon

Fresh & Bitter

Le Dansaert


Tropical Tea infused Rum - Delta Ipa Beer -  Lime

Switchel (= Mapple Syrup, Apple Vinegar, Ginger, Lemon Zest) - Grapefruit Bitter

Fruity notes, sour and fresh.




Elixir D'Anvers - Grappa - Extra Dry Vermouth - Lime

Fresh & Sour



Red Chimay Beer - Cognac - Blackberry - Amaretto - Ratafia - Lemon

Fruity notes, sour and fresh.

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